An interview with Leslie Courtois – bringing the sense of odor to ASMR


Final yr a brand new perfume line launched by Leslie Courtois Design – it consisted of seven fragrances created by perfumer Marie Duchène, all impressed by the concept of ASMR – Autonomous sensory meridian response. It refers to a tingling sensation that folks expertise in response to sure audio-visual triggers, reminiscent of gentle whispers, tapping sounds, or light hand actions.

Over latest years there was a surge in ASMR based mostly Youtube movies designed to set off this sensation. These movies sometimes function an individual talking in a gentle, soothing voice whereas performing numerous actions that are supposed to be stress-free and pleasurable to look at. They’re common amongst individuals who endure from anxiousness, insomnia, and different stress-related situations, as they will help to induce emotions of calm and leisure.

The ASMR phenomenon has gained a big following on-line, with many YouTubers creating channels devoted to producing ASMR content material, with among the hottest ASMR creators having thousands and thousands of subscribers.

ASMR fragrances are all themed on totally different ASMR sensations, such because the crackling of a bonfire, or the sound of rain. We take a look at the vary under, and focus on the fragrances with the brains behind the model – Leslie Courtois and her husband Cyrille.

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The Vary​

  • Bonfire Whisper – “Gaze on the campfire on this cool summer time evening, really feel its heat and power soothe you because the crickets start their music underneath the moon and stars.”
  • Yummy Tingles – “The distinctive delicacies of your childhood are revealed in a whirlwind of acquainted scents. You soften with pleasure on this torrent of sugar and beloved milk, whereas dopamine transports you right into a fairy story.”
  • Grass Tickles – “Lie down within the meadow rocked by the wind. Take heed to the rustle of the playful grasses, which envelop and tickle you. The birds invite you to share their pleasure of residing.”
  • Ocean Leisure – “The ocean embraces you with its wild and salty spray, refreshing the nice and cozy caress of the solar in your bare pores and skin. You’re alone right here, and fulfilled in entrance of this immensity.”
  • Rain Tapping – “The sturdy thunderstorm is rumbling, whereas the rain involves embrace the timber, the crops, the grasses, the mosses, the mycelium. From this life cycle comes the natural scent of mom earth.”
  • Hair Salon Grooming – “You give up in these skilled palms which therapeutic massage and magnificence your scalp delicately, shampoo and minimize your hair nimbly. By way of this choreography of well-orchestrated gestures, you relive the candy thrills of a complete well-being, invigorating however soothing.”
  • Slime Satisfaction – “Glad along with your palms immersed within the slime, you are feeling its chemical however candy aroma embalm your thoughts. The sound hypnotizes your ideas, and the magic of contact disconnects your psyche.”

Every of the fragrances has a QR code on the packaging, which hyperlinks to an ASMR themed video which accompanies the perfume.

The Interview​


What’s your background within the fragrance business?

Leslie : I began my firm “Leslie Courtois Design” in 2017. I’m specialised in fragrance bottle design. I’ve been capable of work with all kinds of purchasers from all around the globe. However the thought of launching my very own fragrance vary got here later as we are going to focus on.

Cyrille : I entered the world of fragrances by drive of circumstances as I’m married to Leslie 😆.

For many who do not know, are you able to clarify what ASMR is?

Leslie : The sound of the pages of a e-book being turned, a massaging shampoo on the hairdresser, finger drawings on the again, and even the odor of a cake popping out of the oven and reviving a childhood reminiscence : everybody is aware of these sensations. Like “Proust’s madeleine”, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a phenomenon that triggers a sense of memory. It’s a visible, auditory, olfactory, tactile or cognitive stimulus that causes a pleasing thrill. ASMR comes within the type of waves and generates a state of immersion: the individual feels euphoria and leisure.

What made you determine to launch a perfume line based mostly on ASMR?
: After an extended day of labor, in entrance of an ASMR video, I assumed to myself that it was a pity that there was no odor. The comfort would have been…full! And even higher : we might have the chance to carry this odor with us as a pores and skin fragrance to really feel this well-being wherever. Just a few days later, I mentioned the concept of constructing ASMR perfumes with a fragrance producer consumer. My aim then was to have entry to this sensory expertise wherein I deeply consider.

Cyrille : After I heard Leslie speaking to her consumer, I assumed it was nice. Past ASMR, which I did not actually know, what struck me was the concept of getting perfumes linked to issues we love and which set off feelings or recollections. I informed her immediately: we’re protecting the idea to ourselves, we’ll do it !

Leslie : We then outlined the scents and labored with our nostril Marie Duchène. The primary drafts of perfumes blew us away and we determined to get began! The problem was then to develop acquainted smells, devoted to recollections frequent to all, whereas having a pleasing perfume to put on on the pores and skin. The formulation of the fragrances was thus accomplished after a number of months of labor and we launched in March 2022.

What kind of suggestions have you ever bought?
: The idea being assumed and modern, the feedbacks are contrasted : individuals like it or hate it 😮 !
For many, the perfumes are thought of very lifelike and devoted to their description whereas being good to put on. However after all, we’ve got the humility to confess that we can not promise olfactory perfection to everybody, as a result of there are variations relying on the place of reminiscence and the sensitivities to the notes of the perfumes.
Many purchasers reported us the attractive feelings that surfaced whereas carrying our perfumes : whether or not it’s the candy recollections of cocooning with the household, walks within the forest within the fall within the final rays of sunshine, and even easy childhood moments… Stunning soothing tales, stuffed with candy nostalgia and well-being, which rings everlasting. “

Cyrille : “There may be certainly an actual want for authenticity and reconnection with oneself, in a world the place right this moment’s society sucks us into its disembodied will. Increasingly individuals are satisfied {that a} fragrance is above all a second of well-being, a second for oneself earlier than being a scent for the others.


How did you provide you with the preliminary vary of perfumes? As a father of two teenage women who went via a ‘slime’ section, I used to be delighted to see the Slime perfume!

Cyrille : Haha, sure, the title SLIME Satisfaction is kind of authentic for a perfume 😊. Individuals really like it and are very shocked by the scent. It has notes of glue and play-doh after which evolves into a pleasant gourmand. Our perfumes are supposed to be as lifelike as attainable whereas being nice to put on. It’s a positive steadiness !

Leslie : As for the remainder of the vary, the themes had been chosen after a research of the general public’s favourite smells and recollections (« madeleine de proust »). We wished to mix one of the best recollections, particularly these of the childhood, so that folks can put on them and get that “really feel good” impact all through the day.
And, after all, we wished some differentiation, to carry one thing new to the world of fragrances. “

Do you might have extra upcoming ASMR fragrances?

Leslie : Positive, we’re serious about different recollections and hanging scents, just like the memento of studying a e-book or dust stains in your knees whenever you had been a toddler. Now we have many concepts in shops 😃 ! Perhaps BASENOTES members have some propositions to share ?


You have additionally made an Elvis Presley perfume! How did this come to be?

Leslie : I developed the designs for my consumer Bellevue Parfums. It was an honor to be the King’s legacy Designer 🤩. There are two totally different bottles. My favourite one is the one which has a form of vinyl disk and the cap is a retro microphone. Individuals like it!

You could find out more about ASMR Fragrances at their website. A discovery set is on the market with all seven scents.